Product Overview

We sell custom tarps that are made to order so that they satisfy your exact specifications. Custom tarps are generally built and shipped within one week of your order. When ordering a custom tarp, you can specify any of the following materials:

  • Waterproof Solid Vinyl
    • 14 oz vinyl (alternative to our standard 18 oz vinyl for weight sensitive applications)
    • 14 oz fire retardant vinyl curtain material
    • 18 oz vinyl (our most popular product for exterior applications)
    • 18 oz flame retardant vinyl
    • 22 oz vinyl popular for side-rollers
    • 40 oz vinyl
    • 20 Mill Clear Vinyl (this clear material can be used to add see-through panels on curtain tarps)
    • 14 oz Reinforced Clear tarp material provides transparency and strength.
    • 13 oz welding screen
    • 50 oz, 2-ply
    • Insulated Tarps (two layers of 18 oz vinyl with a polyethylene closed cell foam layer in between)
  • Vinyl Mesh and Screening
    • 9 oz - 60% Block Mesh
    • 7 oz - 70% Block Mesh
    • 9 oz - 90% Block Mesh
    • 9 oz - 90% Block Trampoline Mesh - Super heavy duty, black only
    • 8 oz - Chip Mesh - Nylon mesh used as a cover when hauling woodchips or other items
    • 12 oz - Sawdust Mesh - Tight nylon mesh used to contain sawdust and other fine particles
  • Canvas Tarps

Read more about our tarp material. Learn the difference between material weights and thicknesses.

Heavy Duty Solid Vinyl Tarps

Heavy duty waterproof vinyl tarpDesigned to be waterproof and long lasting, our vinyl tarpaulins are made from industrial grade vinyl. All edges are reinforced with 6,000 pound nylon and polyester webbing, the same material that is used in vehicle seatbelts. Grommets (or eyelets) are made from heavy gauge rust resistant brass which makes them even more durable. Tarps intended for interior applications, such as curtains and room dividers, include fire retardant. Exterior tarps include cold crack and UV protection.

Our quality tarps are custom ordered and ideal for Roofers/Construction firms, Farm and Agriculture applications, Trucking companies, Boating and RV protection and Welding and Manufacturing applications. You specify the color, size (length and width) and number of grommets you'd like added along the edges and we manufacture the tarp to your exact specifications, right here in Canada.

Key Features and Benefits of our Solid Vinyl Tarps

  • Durable protection from the elements (sun, rain, snow, UV, environmental pollutants)
  • Rugged, thick vinyl material is less influenced by winds than traditional polypropylene tarps (which act like sails in high winds)
  • Products designed for indoor use include Fire Retardant
  • Waterproof
  • Specially formulated to include UV and cold crack protection
  • Oil, grease and acid resistant
  • Scratch & tear resistant
  • Available in any size
  • You can specify the number of grommets to be added along the sides (can vary for different edges).
    Learn about Grommet Spacing.
  • Can be custom fitted into any 3-dimensional shape
  • Special fasteners can be ordered including D-Rings, Velcro and Zippers
  • Mold and mildew resistant

Vinyl tarp colorsWaterproof Vinyl Tarp Colors

Our selection of colors changes over time but we always have the following colors in stock: Black, White, Red, Green, Grey and Blue. We also sell Transparent Tarps.

We often have the following additional colors in stock but since these are not as popular we don't stock large quantities of these colors so we may run out of these colors from time to time: Yellow, Brown, Burgundy, Tan, Orange.

Please note that dye lots change so we can't guarantee your color matches the samples shown here. close up of vinyl face Also note that our 18 oz Fire Retardant material is only available in Red, Blue, Grey and Black.

Our most popular colors are black tarps and white tarps.

50 oz vinyl tarpsOur heaviest material (50 oz vinyl) is available in a laminate where the front and the back may be different colors. Our selection of colors varies but we currently have the following colors available on 50 oz material: grey on both sides, grey/white combination or a grey/black combination. When you order this material, just choose the color that you want on the outside of the tarp (the side that does not show the hem). This material is ideal for firewood covers and golf simulator screens.

Generally, one side of the vinyl is smooth and the other side has a slight texture. The smooth side is usually used for the "finished" side of your tarp. This is the side that does not show the hem.

Hover over this icon to see a close up of the back of the vinyl. close up of vinyl back

Heavy Duty Mesh Tarps

90% shade mesh 60% shade meshOur mesh tarps are ideal for covering dump trucks or trailers to satisfy Ministry of Transportation regulations. They also make ideal awnings and canopies as well as privacy fences. These are also widely used in construction applications to wrap buildings to protect against falling debris.

For shade applications we recommend the 90% sun block mesh. If you want to allow more filtered light then go with the 60% block premium mesh. The 60% block is also ideal in windy areas since the mesh will allow greater air flow. Our 70% mesh can also be used but be aware that this has some stretchability and tends to want to curl.

Our mesh tarps are made to your exact size requirements and you can specify the number of grommets on each edge. All edges are lined with industrial strength vehicle seat belt material. These mesh tarps are made of vinyl coated polyester.

The 60% mesh tarps are available in the following standard colors:

  • BlackMesh colors
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Fluorescent Orange
  • Red
  • Yellow

Our 70% mesh is available in black, red, blue and green and the 90% mesh tarps are only in black and dark green.

Learn more about our Mesh Tarps.

Standard Products

We stock the following standard products to facilitate fast delivery. For product prices, please visit the links below.

Roll Tarps

Roll tarps and utility trailer coversWe carry pre-cut heavy duty roll tarps in lengths required for 12 to 22 foot boxes. These have reinforced headers and optional pockets at one or both ends.

We also carry specially designed roll tarps such as our asphalt truck tarps and salt truck tarps. If you have special requirements for your roll tarps, such as side rollers, we can manufacture to your exact specification.

Container Covers

Industrial container coversContainer tarps are designed to cover industrial metal containers, they come in 12 foot widths and lengths can be 18, 24 or 26 feet.

For pricing, please visit our Container Tarps page.

Ice Rink Liners

We carry an industrial strength tarp that is ideal for ice rink applications. For details, please visit our Skating Rink Liners page.

Oversize Load Signs

Visit our Oversize Load Signs page to learn about this product. We can also manufacture specialty signs according to your exact specifications.

Rubber Tie-Down Straps

Visit our Rubber Tie-Down Straps page to learn about the different lengths of tie-down straps we carry.



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