Typical Tarp Applications

The applications for our heavy duty tarps are virtually unlimited. Whether you need a tarp for waterproofing, shade, safety or privacy, we can build the precise tarp to meet your needs.
Here are some common applications for which our customers use tarps:

Waterproof Vinyl Tarps

RV Leak Protection

Utility Trailer Covers

Prestressed Concrete Covers

Waterproof Covers

Firewood Storage Covers

Transport Truck Covers

Carport Covers

Boat Covers

Roof Covers

Vinyl Covers

Welding Curtains

Room dividers and industrial curtains

Outdoor Furniture Covers

Tarps Used in Movie Production

Transparent Covers

Mining Tarps

Restaurant Tarps

Conveyor Tarps

Dog Kennel Covers

Pool Solar Blanket Covers

Industrial Tarps

Equipment Covers

Roll Up Doors

Trailer Awnings

Mesh Tarps


Privacy Fencing

Roll Tarps

Construction Tarps

Building Wraps

Snow Fencing

Privacy Screens

Fruit harvesting

Triangle Shaped Tarps


Disposal Bin Covers

Canvas Tarps

Shade Awnings

Canvas RV Covers



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