Swimming Pool Solar Blanket Covers

Pool solar blankets need to be stored during the winter

If you have a swimming pool, you know how expensive solar blankets can be and how they can get destroyed by the elements. Some people lug these into their garage for the winter and leave their car outside because they have nowhere else to store their solar blanket.

Why not save yourself a lot of trouble and leave your solar blanket in place while protecting it from the sun, ice and wind using one of our heavy duty tarps?

Solar blanket covers from tarps protect against UV rays

Most custom sized solar blanket covers only cost about $100 including shipping. That's using our heavy duty 18 oz vinyl material which will last for many years. These can be manufactured in a wide variety of colors to blend in with your pool area.

These solar blanket covers can also be used to protect your pool blanket from harmful UV rays during the swimming season. People often keep their blanket on the roll during hot weather so it is wise to cover it to protect it from UV rays to extend its life.