Equipment Covers

Medical Equipment CoversWe can make covers for just about anything from industrial equipment to medical devices to lawn tractors. Covers can be transparent like this one made out of clear vinyl or they can be opaque made from standard colored vinyl like the one below. Covers used indoors should generally be made from an FR (fire retardant) material whereas outdoor covers will tend to last longer using standard non-FR materials. Seams can be sewn or welded depending on the application and the importance of being water proof.

If you have an expensive piece of equipment that is sitting out in the elements, a custom cover is a small investment that could add years to the life expectancy of the equipment. Medical devices are often undermined by dust and bacteria and must be kept covered to protect them from damage.

Simple covers are sewn into the shape of a box top with a certain width, length and height. These covers can be ordered online using our complex tarp order form where the width and length reflects the dimensions of the top of the cover and the height indicates how tall the "box" should be. We recommend making the covers at least an inch bigger in width and length than the item you are trying to cover. Generally, the height of the cover can be a little less than the height you want to end up with since the extra width and length will result in the height being a little taller than what you specify.Factory equipment cover

It you want something more complex than a box top, please send us photos and specs for the item you want to cover and we can provide you with a detailed quote.

Grommets can be added to the lower hem of the cover or we can add a sleeve at the bottom with an embedded shock cord to keep the cover tight (much like a large hair net).