White Vinyl Tarps

White vinyl tarp

Our white tarps are designed to be heavy duty and suitable for all weather use. The advantage of white is that you don't need to worry about it fading over time and the white color reflects heat and the sun while allowing some light to pass through. The downside of going with a white tarp is that it may be more difficult to keep clean than one of our darker colors.

Whenever you want to add logos or printing on a tarp, this is always done on top of white vinyl material. Other colors cannot be printed on.

As with all of our other solid vinyl colors, our white tarps are waterproof, mold and mildew resistant, highly tear resistant and contain UV and cold-crack protection.

White is also a common color used for portable winter garages.

Note that, in addition to our heavy duty 18oz white vinyl tarps, we also sell white construction tarps which are a lighter weight poly tarp.

White Shade Awning

White tarp as a shade awningIf you are looking for an overhead cover that will provide 100% shade, while still allowing some degree of light, white is a good option. Note that on sunny days you will be able to see the tarp seams as shown in this photo. The seam is where two layers of vinyl are sewn together allowing less light to penetrate.

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