Fire Resistant Construction Hoarding Tarps

Fire Retardant Construction Tarps

3.5 oz Fire Retardant Construction Hoarding Tarps

In most jurisdictions, tarps hung indoors or used to enclose buildings are required to be flame resistant. These economical tarps provide a lightweight option for cordoning off a section of a building for construction or renovation to contain dust and keep out the public. These tarps are made from a woven translucent poly material to allow some light to get through. They come with grommets every 3 feet and include a rope-reinforced hem.

Our FR construction tarps are Fire Rated to US CPAI 84 specification and the Canadian CAN/ULC-S109 standard. The Fire Retardant Coating is applied to both sides.

Note that the sizes show are "cut sizes". The finished sizes will be about 5% smaller.

DescriptionWeight (lb)PriceSelect
5-pack 15' x 20'37.5$269.00
2-pack 20' x 30'29.0$219.00
Single 30' x 50'36.0$279.00
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