Waterproof Roll Tarps

Our standard standard roll tarps are made of heavy duty mesh in order to allow air flow. These tarps are not suitable for waterproof applications such as salt trucks or trucks used to haul fertiliser, grain or other agricultural products or material that must be kept dry. For these applications we manufacture special tarps designed for use with standard roller mechanisms. These roll tarps come with side flaps which fold down once the tarp is fully extended.

Just like our standard dump roll tarps, our waterproof tarps come with a pocket on one end to attach the roller mechanism.

Our waterproof roll tarps are made of 18 oz vinyl and come in a wide variety of colors. They are typically 7 feet wide with additional 18 inch side flaps. They are available in the following sizes:

Box LengthTarp SizePrice
12 feet10' x 12' 6"$259.00
14 feet10' x 14' 6"$264.00
16 feet10' x 16' 6"$269.00
18 feet10' x 18' 6"$274.00
20 feet10' x 20' 6"$279.00
22 feet10' x 22' 6"$284.00

We also carry waterproof side roller tarps.

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