Tarp Material

All weights are per Square Yard. Learn about Tarp Thickness. Learn about Material Widths.

Solid Materials

18 oz

This is our most popular material for general outdoor waterproof tarping requirements. For indoor applications, consider the Fire Retardant (FR rated) version.

14 oz

Similar to our 18 oz material but thinner and lighter for applications where it is important to minimize weight.

14 oz FR Curtain

This Fire Retardant material is used for indoor room dividers or factory curtains. Not suitable for outdoor use.

22 oz

Over 20% heavier and thicker than our standard 18 oz material. Often used for Side Roller Grain Trucks due to excess wear caused by the roller mechanism.

40 oz

Twice as heavy and thick as our standard 18 oz material. Can be used for utility trailers but will be heavy to manage if the size is large. Be sure to check the overall tarp weight to make sure you can easily lift it.

50 oz

Our heaviest grade vinyl. Two-ply material for applications that require a thicker heavier tarp. Comes in grey or black on one side, white on the other. When ordering this material, take note of the estimated weight of the full tarp to make sure that the finished tarp will not be too heavy to handle for your application. Weight may vary slightly. Good for small tarps that need to weigh a lot. For example, you could generally use this to cover fire wood without having to tie it down.

Welding Curtain

Primarily used for enclosing welding stations to block dangerous ultraviolet light.

Clear (Transparent)

Clear PVC vinyl tarp used for adding windows to solid tarps or when it is necessary to see through the covering. Ideal for see through covers, green houses or clear deck enclosures. This has a thickness of 20 Mil and a weight of 17.5 oz and is FR rated so it is suitable for industrial curtains. Not as strong as solid vinyls.

Reinforced Clear (Semi-Transparent)

Our reinforced clear has greater tear strength than the clear vinyl described above. It contains an embedded white scrim to make it stronger while still allowing light transparency. Not very see through. This is suitable for enclosing wash bays or other curtain applications. It is FR rated.


Used when the tarp functions as a thermal barrier. Insulated tarps consist of 18 oz vinyl on either side of a closed cell foam layer.

Mesh Materials

60% Block

Premium product that is primarily used for roll tarps and truck/trailer covers, also for building wraps and container covers.

70% Block

Economy grade mesh with some stretchability, primarily used for container covers. Tends to curl rather than lying flat.

90% Block

Premium mesh often used for shade and privacy.

90% Block Super Heavy Duty

This is our strongest mesh material. Similar to trampoline material. It is urethane coated which makes it stiffer than our other mesh. Withstands heat of up to 350F so it can be used to cover asphalt trucks. Can also be used as awnings however the above 90% mesh is generally preferred for shade applications.

Chip Mesh

This is a strong white polyester coarse mesh ideal for covering loads of wood chips, brush, agricultural products, etc.

Golf Screens

Sawdust Mesh

This is a tightly woven white polyester mesh used to haul sawdust of other fine materials. This can be used as sports impact screens.

Golf Mesh

This is similar to our Sawdust Mesh material however it offers improved projection characteristics. We recommend this as an economical golf simulator projection screen.

HD Golf Mesh

This is used for single ply golf impact screens with improved projection characteristics and durability.

HD Golf Mesh (3-Ply)

This is our very best golf projection screen material. If offers the best picture quality, noise reduction and durability.



Used when a breathable water resistant material is required. Note that canvas is treated with a chemical to improve water resistance. This chemical has a strong odor so we don't recommend using canvas indoors.

Canvas FR

Normal canvas is quite flammable, use Fire Retardant canvas in cases where your canvas could be exposed to sparks.

Untreated Canvas

This is plain natural canvas without any treatment. It is not water resistant so should only be used in dry applications.