Red Vinyl Tarps

Red trailer tarpRed tarps are often uses in emergency situations since their bright color helps make them easily identifiable. Red tarps can also be used to mark off restricted areas, construction sites or any potentially dangerous location.

Red tarps are a bold choice if you want to show off your sporty trailer or RV. As with all colors of vinyl, red tarps offer 100% waterproof protection that will last for many years. Due to the pigments used to formulate the red coloring, red tarps tend to fade faster than those in other colors. Nevertheless, most tarps should retain their coloring for several years and fading does not compromise the integrity of the fabric.

Notice that the fitted tarp shown here is flat across the top and there appears to be supports every couple of feet. This design will most likely cause water to pool on top of the tarp unless the whole trailer is heavily tilted to allow the water to drain.

One technique to help prevent water from pooling is to add bows to your trailer so that the tarp is elevated in the middle. To learn about other techniques, please visit our page on preventing water from pooling in your tarp.

Red tarp on a trailer with bows

Red is a popular color for covering wagons and other farm equipment since machinery from popular brands like Case and Massey Ferguson often come in red. You may also be interested in our Covered Wagon Tarps.

Red farm machinery cover

If you are looking for a mesh roll tarp for your trailer or dump truck, these also come in red.

You may also be interested in our Black Tarps.

Red Tarp Testimonials

Deane Hilt
Bremerton, Washington
Excellent Five star rating
The tarp is fantastic, the service has been great, the communications great, the price was great and the rapid shipping was a pleasant surprise. I could not be happier. As you can see from the attached photos the fit is perfect. the tarp held up very well on a 150 mile drive in the rain at 60 to 65 mph without fluttering and no leaks. Thank you so much for the excellent service and GREAT product.


Deane Hilt