Designing Custom Tarps

One of the things that separates us from our competition is our ability to manufacture complex custom tarps. Other companies offer simple rectangular tarps in a number of fixed sizes. We are especially skilled at handling specialised tarps with advanced features. Complexity can take a number of different forms including:

Many of these items can be specified and ordered directly on our website using our Advanced Tarp Ordering Function. For really complicated tarps, one of the challenges is making sure the specification for the tarp is comprehensive and accurate. Please review this video for an example of how you can integrate windows, pockets and zippers into your custom tarps.


Before ordering your tarps, it is a good idea to decide how you will be fastening them. This link provides some ideas for tarp fasteners. This page offers more tips on sizing your tarps. Often a diagram is needed to best convey the requirements. If you have access to Microsoft PowerPoint, this is an excellent tool for creating drawings. If you have a gmail account, you can also use Google Drawings to create a drawing.  Microsoft Paint can also be used for simple drawings.  If you are not computer savvy you can just create a drawing by hand and photograph this with a cell phone and email this photo to us. You can also fax your diagram to us toll-free at 1-800-416-3295.

If necessary, our design team will use your drawings to create comprehensive diagrams that we can give to our production team.  Here is an example of a hand drawing provided by one of our customers. Unfortunately, this drawing was not robust enough to pass onto our production team so we worked with the customer to gather further information and we produced this revised drawing which the customer approved for production.

In summary, we are willing and able to build a custom tarp to your exact specifications and requirements and we can work with you to develop a detailed specification that includes all of your requirements.