Tarps with Logos

If your business uses tarps in the field why not add your corporate logo to the tarp so that it doubles as a form of advertising. We can stencil your business name, website or phone number on the tarp to advertise your brand.

Branding your tarps not only promotes your company but also reduces the chance that the tarp will be stolen.

Logos can be added to tarps

If your logo is not too complicated we can also hand stencil this onto the tarp for a modest fee. For complicated or multi-color logos we generally send these out to a professional printer. In this case, it is best if the logo does not exceed a height of about 50 inches. This allows us to send just one panel to the printer and then we can heat weld this panel into the finished tarp.

Of course you can also add your company name and/or logo to the tarp on your own. Here is a photo of one of our clients adding their own logo onto one of our tarps.

Rather than branding your tarps directly, you could instead add special grommets or Velcro that would allow you to attach a branded banner on top of your tarp. Another possibility is to purchase adhesive-backed "stick on" logos and branding from your local sign shop and add these to our tarps yourself.

When digitally printing logos, you always need to start with a white tarp.

Tarps with logos