Windshield Tarp

Windshield tarpAre you tired of scraping your window in the morning or brushing snow off of your windshield? Why not order a heavy duty tarp that is perfectly sized for your vehicle. You can even get a tarp that's similar in color to your vehicle like this red tarp shown here.

Covering your windshield is even beneficial in the summer to help reduce the temperature inside your car and protect your seats and interior trim from harmful UV rays. Tarp windshield covers will also help prevent damage to your windshield wipers which can result when they freeze and become immobile. These tarps will also reduce glare and visibility problems caused by frosty windows.

If you live in an area where hail storms are common, our tarps will most likely protect your windshield from being shattered by hail.

Windshield Tarp Testimonials

Car winter windshield protectionLen Hamel of Sudbury Ontario sent us this photo and review. "The tarp installed easily and works perfectly. Previously I would use two cheap tarps per winter. With our Sudbury weather this works well. I recommend these for cars and trucks, definitely worth the money."