Waterproof Tarps

Waterproof tarps can be made from a wide variety of materials. Learn about the various materials we offer below.

Vinyl Coated Scrim Tarps

Our strongest, most durable tarps are made from a vinyl coated scrim material. The vinyl coating provides long-term waterproof protection while the internal scrim provides strength. Learn more about our heavy duty vinyl tarps.

Clear Transparent Tarps

For some applications, it is important to be able to see through your tarps or covers. For this we offer a transparent vinyl material. Learn more about our transparent tarps.

Canvas Tarps

Canvas tarps are technically not 100% waterproof. They repel water however they will let some moisture seep through the fabric. For most applications, vinyl tarps are a better choice than Canvas. One feature of canvas is that it is "breathable" so if it is important to have some airflow through your tarp canvas might be a good choice. Learn more about our canvas tarps.

Welding Curtains

Our custom welding curtains offer protection from the ultraviolet light that is given off during arc welding. Learn more about our welding curtains.

Polypropylene Tarps

Polypropylene tarps are the lightest weight and least expensive however they are also less durable than our other materials. Learn about the poly tarps we offer.