Travel Trailer Tarp is Essential

Image generated by spec travel-trailer-tarpsI keep my travel trailer covered 11 months of the year (whenever it is not in use) and you can see from this picture what a difference it makes in keeping the trailer clean. The tarp goes most of the way down the front and back but only a few inches down the sides. This allows the trailer to breathe while still eliminating any chance that moisture can seep into any of the seams on the trailer.

They say that you are supposed to inspect/repair the seams every year but I find it is just so much easier to cover the trailer.  This also means that the seams will last much longer since they are rarely exposed to direct sun and rain.

Some websites advocate that you should only cover your RV with a "breathable" material. I completely disagree with that notion since such materials tend to be very thin and tend to leak after just a couple of years.  By contrast, our 18 oz vinyl material will last for many years without any risk of leakage.  I have had my trailer covered for 3 years now and the top of the trailer looks as good as new with no signs of mold or age.

You have invested thousands of dollars in a travel trailer or other RV. Why not spend $300 to protect this investment and eliminate any risk of rotting and mold due to leaks?  If you are paying to have your trailer stored indoors, you can save a lot of money by storing it outside under the protection of a heavy duty tarp.

Waterproof Travel Trailer CoverHere is an example of a perfectly sized tarp that will prevent the soiling of the trailer as shown in the first photo. Since the front of the tarp completely covers the nose of the trailer, the rain water that runs off the tarp will fall to the ground, not onto the trailer. It is a lot easier and safer to clean the tarp once a year or so rather than having to scrub down your trailer.