Trapezoid Shaped Tarps

Trapezoid shaped tarpTarps in a trapezoid shape like this one are often used to enclose the sides of a lean-to or other tapered structure.  Our website does not allow you to price a trapezoidal tarp directly, however, normally the price will be similar to a rectangular tarp sized based on the longest side of the trapezoid and the adjacent right-angle side. For the pictured tarp, you would enter the length of the left side and the width of the bottom edge to obtain a quote.

In order for us to match the size of your trapezoidal tarp we generally need the tarp to have two right angles. You should also provide a diagram that shows the finished side of the tarp in order to make sure the trapezoid is oriented correctly.Trapezoid mesh tarp

Here is another example of a trapezoid tarp that was used to wrap the side of a transmission tower to contain paint chips.