Tarps with Zippers & Doors

Arched Zippers

Tarp with zippered door

Zippers can be used to add an opening to a tarp to gain access much like a door. Usually the best way to do this is to arc the opening to one side like the ones we show here. This method allows you to have a wide opening while only requiring one double-sided zipper. This type of opening can even extend into a windowed area of the tarp as we show here. Zipper which spans a tarp windowZippers can be ordered in white or black so be sure to select the color that will match best with the color of tarp that you are ordering.

Parallel Zippers

An alternative, design for adding a door style opening is to install two parallel zippers that can be opened to allow you to walk through the door. With this style you can also request that we add fasteners to the door so that you can roll it up and then secure it above the opening so that it stays open. A pocket can be added to the bottom of the door where you can insert a pole to make it easier to roll up.

Tarp with parallel zippersSingle Zippered Door

A third style of zippered opening is just a simple straight line zipper. This option works well if you don't require a wide opening.

This style of zippers can also be used to join two or more tarps together.  Keep in mind that when joining separate tarps, the maximum length of a zipper that comes completely apart is 8 feet. Longer zippers are possible in situations where the two sizes of the zipper do not need to be completely separated. 

Single straight zippered opening