Tarps With Windows

Tarps with windowsSometimes you want to use tarps as curtains or barriers but you also want to be able to see through or allow light through a portion of the tarp. When using our Complex Tarp Order Form you can specify the number, size and location of the windows. Generally, clear vinyl is used as the window material but mesh could also be used if you would like to facilitate air flow.

When adding windows to tarps, keep in mind that transparent material is not nearly as strong as opaque tarpaulin because it does not contain internal webbing known as scrim. For this reason, it is not recommended to have very wide transparent windows that are supporting the weight of a large tarp below. Instead, it is better to have several narrower windows that are interrupted by sections of the underlying (opaque) tarp. This strategy will reduce the load on the transparent window material and minimize the risk of it failing. This technique was applied in the photo shown here where a wide window was divided into two panels.Closed in deck