Tarps for Sukkahs

At Heavy Duty Tarps we supply tarps of any size to help you build a Sukkah to your exact specifications. Sukkahs can be made using 100% waterproof 18 oz vinyl which is available 11 different colors including tan shown here.

If you want a natural material we can also supply canvas (cotton) tarps from which to construct your Sukkah. Please be aware that the wax used to make canvas material water resistant will have an odour for a period of time so, if possible, it is good to let the material air out in the sun for a few days before using it to build your Sukkah. We can also use untreated cotton canvas but this will not be water resistant. 

If you want to let natural light into your sukkah, we can add windows made of clear vinyl material or we can use screen material if you prefer open windows that will keep out insects. 

Here we show the interior of the sukkah pictured above. One of the features included in this installation is known as a "reef band". Normally, we only attach grommets to the outer edges of the tarp. If you live in a windy area, this can mean that the sides of the tarp may sway in the wind farther than what is allowed in the Talmud. A reef band is a folded section in the interior of the tarp where we can add additional grommets to reduce swaying so that the resulting sukkah is kosher.

Technically, in this installation the reef band was not essential since the deck railing is high enough to constitute a kosher wall on its own, so the tarp mainly just serves to improve the warmth and privacy of the structure. 

Here we show a close-up of the reef band. These grommets can be connected to the railing to prevent the tarp from flapping in the wind.

We do not supply schach (roof) material,

Sukkah Testimonials

Marc Friedman
Thornhill, Ontario
I can’t say enough about the quality of the product and service from Heavy Duty Tarps. Theresa was incredibly helpful and patient in working through the details with me to ensure a proper fit and design for my deck. The reefband positioned at the top of the railing provided extra level of securing the tarp preventing swaying even in high winds.

Great experience all around.