Ping Pong Table Covers

Cover your ping pong table with an attractive tarpTable tennis is a really great option for keeping fit. One of the beautiful things about table tennis is that it does not tend to take its toll on your body like impact sports such as hockey or even regular tennis. As a result, table tennis (also known as ping pong) is truly a lifelong activity. I am confident in saying this since my 96-year-old father-in-law still plays a couple of times a week and can hold his own against much younger players.

The other nice thing about table tennis is that it is not very expensive. For a few hundred dollars you can pick up a decent table and a good racket can be had for under $100. The main downside of table tennis is that you need a pretty good sized room to play indoors and most people don't have enough space inside their homes to accommodate a ping pong table. One solution might be to keep your table outside and protect it with a heavy duty tarp. Tarps come in a wide variety of colors so you can always buy a tarp that will look attractive on your property.

Depending on the type of table that you have you can either keep it fully in place and cover the top or, if it is easy to fold up, we can also make a fitted cover that you can slip on after folding the table upright. If you plan to keep it flat, you should at least remove the net since these are generally pretty easy to take down.

I spent some time in Germany several years ago and in Cologne many of the outdoor parks have concrete ping pong tables which I made use of. Playing outside can add an element of skill, especially under windy conditions. It is also nice to enjoy the weather outside as you play.

If you want to order a cover for your table, you will likely want to go with our standard 18 oz vinyl. You can either go with a flat tarp that you will just fold part way down the sides or we can sew the corners to make a fitted tarp. If you decide to go with a fitted tarp add about an inch to each dimension to make it easier to put on and take off. If you plan to make the cover so that it slips on when the table is folded upright, add a couple of inches to each dimension.