Tarps to Cover Dugouts

Dugout covered with an 18 oz tarp An uncovered dugout can expose your team to a blinding sun or an unexpected downpour. Protect your dugout and your players with an attractive heavy duty tarp. We offer fully waterproof tarps in 18 oz vinyl. If you prefer to have dappled shade while letting some sun through, consider our 90% shade mesh. Either way, your players will stay cool and be ready for action.

Unyielding Strength of 18 oz Vinyl

The weight of a tarp is a crucial factor in determining its durability and resilience. A heavy-duty 18 oz vinyl tarp will provide long term, robust protection. This thickness provides a sturdy barrier against wind, rain, and UV rays, safeguarding the dugouts and preserving their structural integrity over time. If you have used poly tarps in the past, you will know that those light-weight tarps are prone to billowing in the wind, which often causes their grommets to be ripped off. You won't have this problem with an 18 oz tarp. These will generally stay in place, even without being tied down.

Shielding Against the Scorching Sun

Baseball games often occur under the blazing sun, exposing players, coaches, and equipment to harmful UV rays. An 18 oz vinyl tarp provides 100% UV protection to prevent sun burns and reduce the chance of heat stroke. This not only contributes to the well-being of those within the dugout but also helps maintain the quality of the equipment stored inside. When ordering your tarp, be sure to consider the orientation of the setting sun. As you may notice in the photo above, the tarp hangs down along the back of the dugout. This helps to protect the players from UV exposure as the sun sets while also blocking wind and driving rain.

If you are moving the tarp to different baseball diamonds, be sure to measure the dugouts at each location so that you can size the tarp to be suitable for all of your playing fields.

Defying the Forces of Wind and Rain

The heavy-duty nature of the 18 oz vinyl tarp provides exceptional resistance against wind and rain. These tarps are designed to stay firmly in place, offering reliable coverage and ensuring that the game can go on even in less-than-ideal weather conditions. These tarps remain 100% waterproof, throughout their lifespan since the tarps are covered by a sealed vinyl layer on each side.

Durability and Longevity

Investing in 18 oz vinyl tarps is not just a short-term solution; it's a commitment to long-term protection. The durability of these tarps means they can withstand the rigors of constant use and exposure to the elements, providing an enduring shield for baseball dugouts season after season.

Customization for Team Spirit

With twelve colors to choose from, you can always order your tarp in a shade that matches your team color. Of course they can be ordered in any shape or size. Add grommets, as needed, to fasten the tarp to the dugout.

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