Tarps used to make Asphalt Roller Skirts

Image generated by spec asphalt-roller-skirtsMike Scott from Georgian Paving was kind enough to send us this photo showing some tarps we made for his Pneumatic Asphalt Roller.  You might be wondering, "Why would anyone want to put skirts like this on their asphalt roller?".  The reason is that it is important to keep the rubber tires on these rollers warm when you are rolling out asphalt because cool tires tend to adhere to the asphalt and can cause what's known as "pickup". This means that the wheels will tend to draw the asphalt up during the rolling process and this can undermine its integrity.

By adding these asphalt rollers skirts, the warmth from the asphalt is kept contained within the skirt area and the tires are less apt to adhere to the asphalt.