Fitted Utility Trailer Tarp

This page is used to order fitted tarps are in the shape of a box top. This form allows you to include any of the following features:
  • You can choose the width, length and height of the tarp.
  • Corners can be sewn or you can have a flap at one or both ends.
  • Choose from a variety of fasteners.
  • Set your own grommet spacing.
Quantity and Tarp Material
  Tarp Material Overview
Tarp Dimensions (Finished Size)
When entering the tarp width and length, be sure to add an inch or so to your trailer dimensions to ensure that the tarp is not too tight.
If you know the total inches or cm you can enter this below without specifying feet or meters.
Fitted tarps are shaped like a box top
Tarp Color
Fitted Tarp Finishing
Approximate Fastener Spacing
Notes and Special Instructions
Please do not use this notes field to add features to your tarp. Instead, please contact us so that we can make sure your order is entered correctly with all the required features.

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