18 oz Waterproof Vinyl Roll Tarp with Side Flaps

This is a waterproof roll tarp with side flaps and elastic cords used to hold down the flaps. Ideal for salt trucks or other dump trucks that carry cargo that must be kept dry. Includes a pocket on one end to insert a standard roller mechanism. Seatbelt reinforced edges, available in a wide range of colours.

DescriptionWeight (lb)PriceSelect
10' x 12.5'18.6$259.00
10' x 14.5'21.4$264.00
10' x 16.5'24.2$269.00
10' x 18.5'27.1$274.00
10' x 20.5'30.0$279.00
10' x 22.5'32.8$284.00
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