6.2 oz hay tarp

6.2oz Waterproof Hay Tarps

Tarps for covering hay

This is our highest quality pre-made tarp. Ideally suited for covering hay rolls due to the durability and sizing. These tarps are silver on the outside to help reflect sunlight and black on the inside to prevent greenhousing. UVI Coated for many years of service. Use the robust grommets for tying down with ropes and pegs or use the embedded webbing loops which allow for up to a 2" diameter pipe to be used to weigh down the sides. The grommets and webbing are set in five layers of material to support up to 500 pounds of pull strength. Grommets and webbing are spaced 3 feet apart. Although designed for hay roll or bale covers, these tarps can be used for any application where an industrial strength poly tarp is required. Free shipping to most locations.

Please note that the sizes shown below are "Cut Sizes" so the actual finished sizes could be up to 5% less than what is shown.

DescriptionWeight (lb)PriceSelect
15' x 54'37.0$285.00
18' x 48'39.0$293.00
20' x 48'44.0$315.00
23' x 48'50.0$347.00
25' x 33'38.0$279.00
25' x 48'54.0$377.00
25' x 54'59.0$410.00
28' x 48'60.0$409.00
33' x 48'72.0$464.00

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