Build a Round Tarp

Quantity and Tarp Material
  Tarp Material Overview
Tarp Diameter
Tarp diameter If you know the total inches or cm you can enter this below without specifying feet or meters.
Tarp Color
Hem Style and Fasteners
Approximate Fastener Spacing
Add Logo or other Graphic
Use this option to add an adhesive film logo to your tarp. This is a high-tack UV protected clear over-laminate stick-on with text or graphics that you provide. Minimum charge is $95 for this option. In most cases you will want to apply only to white vinyl tarps. We also offer simple ink lettering. Please contact us for details.
Notes and Special Instructions
Please do not use this notes field to add features to your tarp. Instead, please contact us so that we can make sure your order is entered correctly with all the required features.

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