Build a Golf Simulator Screen

Before ordering your screen, be sure to read this page that talks about sizing your golf simulator screen. We recommend Golf Mesh if you plan to project onto the screen. Sawdust Mesh is a less expensive material however the image quality will not be as good as the Golf Mesh.
Screen Dimensions (Finished Size)
For a seamless screen with a standard hem, one dimension must be 116 inches or less for Golf Mesh and 111 inches or less for Sawdust Mesh.
Tarp width vs. length If you know the total inches or cm you can enter this below without specifying feet or meters.

Determining the Correct Tarp Size
Screen Hem Finishing
If you want to use a pipe or bar to hang the tarp or weigh down the bottom choose the pocket/sleeve size based on the diameter of the pipe. Otherwise, specify Grommets or Hem Only.

Notes and Special Instructions
Please do not use this notes field to add features to your tarp. Instead, please contact us so that we can make sure your order is entered correctly with all the required features.

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