Build a Tarp for a Fence Cover

Be aware that 100% privacy can only be achieved with a solid tarp material. Furthermore, since solid material does not allow any air flow, you must have a very heavy duty fence to support a solid material since it needs to take the full force of any winds blown into the tarp. We generally recommend 90% mesh for fence covers however people will be able to see through any mesh tarp.
Quantity and Fence Cover Material
  Tarp Material Overview
Tarp Dimensions (Finished Size)
Tarp width vs. length If you know the total inches or cm you can enter this below without specifying feet or meters.

Determining the Correct Tarp Size
Tarp Color
Tarp Edge Finishing
Use the selectors below to choose how you would like the tarp to be finished on each edge. By default, the top and bottom selections will be applied to the corner fasteners.
If you simply want a standard reinforced hem with grommets, click this button to update these settings automatically.
Learn about Fastening Options and Prices. Learn about Tarp pocket sizing Pocket photo

Fastener Count and Spacing
For edges that require fasteners, use the drop-down below to automatically calculate the number of fasteners based on your desired spacing or choose "Set Manually" then enter the required fastener counts below. Note that side fastener counts do not include the corner fasteners.

For edges that have pockets, the number entered reflects the size of the flattened pocket (in inches). Enter "0" (zero) for edges that do not require fasteners or pockets.
Learn more about Fastener Spacing
Fasteners are generally evenly spaced but positioning may vary. Please check the box below if precise spacing or specific positioning is required. A diagram must be supplied.
  Grommet Configuration  
Extra Internal Fasteners
In most cases, internal fasteners need to be reinforced using a band of webbing. If no webbing is requested, each fastener will be reinforced individually.

Banded Fasteners


Individual Fasteners

Notes and Special Instructions
Please do not use this notes field to add features to your tarp. Instead, please contact us so that we can make sure your order is entered correctly with all the required features.

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