Build a Simple Custom Tarp

  Tarp Material Overview
Tarp Dimensions
Tarp width vs. length If you know the total inches or cm you can enter this below without specifying feet or meters.

Determining the Correct Tarp Size
Tarp Color
Grommet Count and Spacing
Use the drop-down below to automatically calculate the number of grommets based on your desired grommet spacing or choose "Set Manually" then enter the required grommet counts below. When specifying the number of grommets per edge note that the corner grommets (shown in black) should be double counted. Enter "0" (zero) for edges that do not require grommets.
Learn more about Grommet Spacing
Grommet Configuration
Notes and Special Instructions
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Looking for a fitted tarp, windows, zippers or other special options?
Please use our Complex Custom Tarp page.