Build a Complex Custom Tarp

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Approximate Grommet Spacing:   (Each edge can be specified using grommet counts below)
When specifying the number of grommets per edge note that the corner grommets (shown in black) should be double counted. Enter "0" (zero) for edges that do not require grommets. Uniform spacing is assumed; if this is not what you want, specify the desired configuration in the comment section below.
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Fitted Tarp Options
Fitted tarps are formed into a "box top" shape with sewn corners. Often used for utility trailers, furniture covers, air conditioner covers, etc.

When ordering a fitted tarp use the width/length above to indicate the dimensions of the top of the tarp. Be sure to add an inch or so to your covered item dimensions to make it easier to put the tarp on and take it off.
Height:   (Inches to go down the sides of the trailer or other item)
Flap Options: 
Add windows (clear vinyl panels) to a solid tarp
Number of windows:  Window Width:   inches Window Height:   inches
Describe window location(s) below
Special Features or Requirements
Zipper Length:   feet @ $4/foot (provide location details in Notes below) tarps with zippers
Zipper Color: 
Velcro Length:   feet @ $4/foot (provide location details in Notes below) Velcro Tarps
Pocket Edges:   (a pocket is a channel that runs along an edge and is used to insert a roller or a pipe to weigh down the edge)
Pocket Size:   inches (this is the "flattened" width add extra inches to allow for the diameter of the pipe, etc.) Tarp Pockets
Grommet Type:   Tarp fasteners
Extra D-Rings:   feet @ $1/foot (provide location details in Notes below) D-Ring Straps
 Combine Different Materials (describe in notes) Different Tarp Materials
Use the Notes field below to enter any other special requirements and to describe locations of special features. Some features may not be included in your price.
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